Polar BodyAge™

Polar BodyAge™ Assessment

BodyAge™ assessment is an exclusive feature from the makers of Polar and is available at Peak Sports Club. This is an innovative and motivational tool that measures fitness levels in a way that everyone can quickly understand. For example, if someone is 35 but their BodyAge is 45, the result is a powerful motivator that leads the person to work to improve his or her overall fitness level.

Polar BodyAge™ Assessment Includes:
  • Interactive Blood Pressure & Resting Heart Rate
  • Interactive Modified Sit & Reach Test (Flexibility)
  • Interactive Body Composition Assessemnts (Body Fat Percentage)
  • Interactive Strength Test
  • Interactive Body Weight
  • VO2Max Analysis (Cardiovascular Fitness)
  • Interactive Health Risk Appraisal Assessment
  • Nutrition Profile

The Polar BodyAge™ System is more than a fitness assessment. It's a whole new way of letting you know how healthy you could be.

Complete Polar Evaluation - $59 (includes 1 hour with a trainer).

New members: If you are interested in your free fitness evaluation, please sign up at the front desk. (Free evaluation includes: blood pressure, strength test, 5-min fit-test, body mass index)

  • Monday - Thursday @ 4, 5 or 6 pm
  • Saturday @ 8, 10 or 11 am