Xtend Barre®
Xtend Barre®

The Xtend Barre® system sculpts the body proportionally so that all body parts are equally challenged. This body workout serves to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the body from top to bottom, from inside out. The result is a long and lean physique, without added bulk. Developed from a dance and Pilates background, the Xtend Barre® workout combines the amazing results of dance with the principles of strength and safety in Pilates. Xtend Barre® is only taught by certified Pilates instructors, with an attention to detail and proper form.

Xtend Barre® benefits:
  • Stronger Abs & back muscles
  • A lifted derriere
  • Improved endurance and overall energy
  • Increased stability & flexibility
  • Greater body awareness and improved posture
  • Drop-in: $15
  • 10 sessions $130
  • Monthly unlimited Xtend Barre and Suspension Training: $99/month (set up on monthly auto-draw)
  • Drop-in: $25
  • 10 sessions $230
All 55 minute classes are limited to 10 students each and meet in studio C.
  • Monday 10:15am
  • Tuesday 10:05am
  • Wednesday 5:05pm
  • Thursday 10:05am
  • Saturday 8:05am
  • All Xtend Barre classes are open to drop-ins or with Xtend Barre 10-packs or what our best deal- MBS Membership Upgrade